Q&A with the Expert! This week it’s Pro Lifting UK founder Chris Crowley.

Friday November 16, 2018

Chris Crowley 5 Q&A
Hello everyone,

I’m constantly asked for industry opinion from all things waste and crane related! Pro-Lifting and Circle Waste staff are perfectly placed to supply this. mainly as they’re very experienced and have a great knowledge of their respective fields! So if it’s Cranes or Waste, please follow me as I’ll be posting a Q&A each week. It’s not just for us, we’ll just get this going, but if you’d like to do a 5 question Q&A with me on some of your industry thoughts or the respective industry’s hot news etc please let me know. So here goes, I’m kicking off with our Pro-Lifting founder and current Operations Director Chris Crowley.

Q. What was your inspiration behind forming Pro-Lifting UK Ltd?

A. In a word SAFETY. I’d been working in all aspects of Crane lifting for many years and had a vision that if you joined up all the various responsibilities for the cranes on site, with everyone working for one company it would be safer. I called it Lifting Management, which when documented and presented I called it the Pro-Lifting Standard.

Q. What does the Pro-Lifting Standard look like today then?

A. From slinger, crane supervisor, Appointed Person, Lifting Management Coordinator, Operations Manager, Head of Safety, Operations Manager to Operations Director and finally Managing Director all have responsibility in delivering the Pro-Lifting Standard. Basically, we don’t just offer labour at an hourly rate, we offer a comprehensive service where we take all responsibility for everything lifted on site, and upload in real time all risk assessments, method statements, lift plans, audits etc. From start to finish we are responsible, that was my vision, and simply because it’s safer that way.

Q. Has technology helped you to develop this service?

A. Oh yes! I started Pro-Lifting with just me in my spare bedroom at home. Today we have grown to having well in excess of 100 staff and sub-contractors. We have now developed two online portals. The first is the Knowledge Centre. For example, on here you can select from a suite of animated videos dedicated to safe lifting practices. You can create toolbox talks, and there’s a library of technical lifting data too. The second is Teamworks. This contains every document produced on site. We communicate directly from our support team at head office to site on here, and also to our customers based on site or at their office.

Q. What does ongoing support look like?

A. This is crucial to the Pro-Lifting Standard. Our Head of Lifting and Head of H&S regularly audit sites. These are highly trained and experienced in our field, the safe operation of Crane Lifting. You cannot get this level of support from labour agencies or logistics companies who are a jack of all trades. We only do Cranes!

Q. What are the future plans for Pro-Lifting?

A. We have experienced tremendous growth over the last few years and see no sign of this changing in Main and Principal Contractors wanting a service like the Pro- Lifting Standard to manage their lifting management requirements. We have an excellent customer retention rate as they experience the Pro-Lifting Standard for themselves, then take us on to the next build with them. In my view the Crane Lifting industry is changing. This level of expertise and dedicated support by a single specialist company in this field will become a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘would like’. The reason is simple and back to my first vision of why I formed this company – SAFETY.