To manage any lifting operation involving cranes safely requires a high level of expertise, training, and support. Pro-Lifting has passionately embraced safety and challenged the industry to continually improve. Our clients are safe in the knowledge they have the most comprehensive approach to lifting safely in the UK.

Are we an agency?

In short, no we are not an agency or a logistics company but it’s a question that we get asked regularly. We only specialise in Lifting Management services and provide a package incorporating training, development, industry-leading software systems and both internal and external back up and expertise in lifting safely. As we only specialise in this field, we cannot supply you with Traffic Marshalls or security. Hopefully, as you progress through our brochure you will come to understand the reasons why we believe lifting sits outside a logistics package and requires a dedicated package.

Do you supply lifting teams?

Yes, that’s a significant part of our business. We provide Appointed Person, Crane Supervisors, Crane Coordinators and Slinger Signallers. They are all vetted and trained in the Pro-Lifting processes.

Can you help with consultancy during pre-construction?

Yes, we can offer a full consultancy package including tendering and auditing crane and hoist companies. In the first instance, we can offer our time and guidance free of charge. We believe in a partnership approach and ultimately in we are placing our teams on your sites, why wouldn’t we help you along the way. We can also offer a chargeable thorough audit and recommendation pack should you wish us to conduct the crane schemes and potential crane and hoist suppliers.

Are your team trained in rescue from height?

All our lifting teams are CPCS qualified and additional training for Rescue can be provided for project-specific roles when required. In addition, once you have 3 of our team permanently sited they become your rescue from height team. This includes marking the crane for rescue and the rescue from height kit which is worth over £3000 provided free of charge.

In the intro it mentions industry leading software, what is that exactly?

We have developed two online portals for our staff and our customers. The first is The Knowledge Centre and we have dedicated a section in the brochure to it. The knowledge centre allows you to watch a suite of 3D animated videos on lifting safely, risks associated with lifting, reconstructions and lifting scenarios. It also allows you to create toolbox talks from the videos, generate specific lifting risk assessments and has a library of technical lifting data for reference. The 2nd portal is Teamworks. This contains every document produced on site relating to the lifting on site. We also communicate through it. It encourages a collaborative approach between the team on site, you, the client and our internal team at our head office in Peterborough.

Do you provide ongoing support?

Its what we do best! Our Head of Lifting and our external H&S advisor regularly audit our sites and documentation. They also provide support to the teams on site. Again, this differentiates us from an agency or logistics company. We have a thorough internal audit process to ensure all documentation is collated and support you on your external audits.

This all sounds expensive! Is it?

No, it isn’t. We provide exceptional value for money and just as importantly, peace of mind for you the client. Many of our clients will happily testify that the lifting on site improves along with productivity when we manage the lifting on a project.

So you just manage the lifting associated with the cranes?

No, once you engage our AP he becomes responsible for all lifting on site including, MEWP’s, Moffat’s, Telehandlers, Hiab’s and so on. We maintain all records and checks against anything that enters your site and intend to lift or be unloaded.

How do you keep the focus on lifting after you start?

Our commitment to continually improving the lifting on site never ends. We hold regular internal AP meetings to share best practice and we also hold events on your sites such as our lunch and learn sessions where we bring back the focus on lifting safely with the stakeholders involved on site which encourages debate and improved processes.

So how would you summarise what you do?

We provide expert teams and support to the lifting operations associated with cranes and associated plant. We have decades of experience in our field and an unparalleled dedication to a safety critical environment. We develop our staff and commit to continually improving and challenging all aspects of lifting operations.