Training & Education


The introduction of Teamworks gives everybody sight of all associated paperwork, even the operators can see it when they are up in the crane, if there is something the guys are not sure of, we don’t have to go back to the office to find the information and return with the answer, we can go into the system on any mobile phone or tablet and find the information that we are looking for. Short, post-shift de briefings enable us to discover any issues or problems that have been encountered during a shift and share them across the site, everybody has input and everybody benefits.

Our online training and development portal called ‘The Knowledge Centre’ is our industry-leading access zone to all of your lifting needs. It houses our 3d animated training videos along with access to writing and recording specific risk assessments and toolbox talks.

Using a user-specific login you can develop a company-wide training platform from a desktop
or smartphone.

Below is a sample of one of our training videos, if you feel that our training videos can help you’re business and employees learn and grow then contact us today on 0333 240 8333 and ask for more information regarding the Knowledge Centre.